Wondering about Testing your Backups? Rick Vanover from Veeam can Help

Insights on DRAAS Testing

Enterprise data is at risk from so many sources, from cyber crimes to natural disasters. So, one would think the importance of backup testing would be obvious to all.  Unfortunately, many organizations are still lagging in this critical function. It all but ensures that when data systems go down the damage will be as extensive as possible. In fact, a Spiceworks survey showed that nearly a quarter (23%) of organizations never test their disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery Solutions Must Be Regularly Tested

Rick Vanover is Veeam’s senior director of product strategy. He has more than 25 years of knowledge with IT systems management and design, with experience as both an enterprise IT administrator and a product strategist. As a result, Rick offers a unique blend of perspectives on the need for backup testing from both a user and vendor point of view.

In a recent interview with CyberFortress, Rick explains not only the importance of backup testing but how it can be done effectively at the least cost. Without testing, backup becomes less reliable, which means the investment in backup infrastructure could be lost when recovery becomes necessary. Through regular and thorough testing, organizations learn exactly where and how their systems and processes are functioning normally and what needs to be improved. 

A key point to keep in mind is that backup is not merely a technological construct, but a human one. The best backup programs rely on precise coordination between multiple players – primarily IT but also back office personnel like sales, service, financial, legal and everyone else affected by the disruption of data, which these days is essentially the entire organization. Testing the system provides insight not just into how the technology is faring but how well the process is working.

Through regular testing, organizations can also prepare their systems and processes for future upgrades. No two outages are alike. Even the most thorough recovery plan can fail if it remains stuck in a world of aging scenarios and obsolete threats. By testing regularly and often, recovery protocols can remain current even with a continuously evolving set of external threat vectors and internal dependencies.

Getting The Most From Your Disaster Recovery Services

Few organizations have the internal knowledge to implement an effective backup regimen, particularly when it comes to the all-important aspect of automation. An experienced service provider using the latest technology is vital when designing and managing backup capabilities in today’s digital economy.

The Veeam Availability Suite, for instance, places automation as a core component, allowing users to build highly customized portals and consoles. Through an experienced provider like CyberFortress, users will find that both the cost and the implementation are far less burdensome than a homegrown solution and the resulting system provides much more effective service, in part due to the recommended testing program enabled under the terms of service. CyberFortress can help you master disasters and sleep easy while your data is kept safe.

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