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Mindex Technologies, Inc. has grown its workforce to over 200 developers and technology specialists in the last decade. With this success has come the need to protect a wide range of development data and proprietary tools.

Mindex Technolgies’ Profile

Mindex Technologies Inc. delivers software application solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to large Fortune 100 companies. Ranked number 1 in the Rochester Business Journal for local software development companies, Mindex is known for delivering top-quality custom applications. The Mindex flagship product, SchoolTool™, serves school districts across New York State.

Mindex Technolgies’ Objective

Develop and enforce a backup and recovery plan to protect software code, proprietary company data and guarantee uptime of mission-critical servers and applications. 

As a leading software application development firm, Mindex is acutely aware of costs associated with data loss and down time. An hour of lost time or mere bytes of missing data can equate to weeks of lost work. Armed with this knowledge Mindex Technologies was charged with addressing single-point failures and implementation of a business-class data protection suite capable of real-time / continuous data protection. With clear objectives, Mindex turned to CyberFortress.

The Solution

CyberFortress’ Cloud Backup, powered by Veeam. “Our reality check came in the form of two sequential power failures forcing our corporate storage array to fall off-line and remain unresponsive” explained Greg. 

“At stake was production data and a company-wide standstill. We put a call into CyberFortress and our data was successfully restored. Had we relied on another online backup provider, it’s safe to say that our experience would have been considerably more costly in time, dollars and lost work.”

The Results

  • Achieved rapid resoration for 100% of productions date
  • Guaranteed up-time of 200 employee company


Mindex Technologies


Rochester, NY




Deliver software application solutions to clients


To protect corporate data and provide disaster recovery / business continuity for mission-critical servers


Cloud Backup powered by Veeam


100% safe retrieval of production data. Reduction in disaster restoration time. Eradication of wasted-man hours and lost work.

“The CyberFortress Solution protects us from nearly every threat possible. Their solution is an enterprise-class suite that allows local and offsite data protection and is fully automated with an integrated archiving mechanism providing weekly, monthly and annual data snapshots. Our code can be backed up with RTOs <15 minutes. Combined with full business continuity services and private cloud offerings, CyberFortress has the most comprehensive.”


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